Benefits You Receive

Healthcare Brokers face an increasingly competitive landscape with pressure to reduce costs for their client companies. Currently, healthcare packages do not address the fact that less than 25% of patients truly understand how to take their medications correctly. The current gap in one-on-one education results in unnecessary estimated costs of $290 billion and the loss of 125,000 lives annually.

Rx-Consultant helps to eliminate the gaps in the existing pharmacy benefits packages you offer with personalized, one-on-one care that includes:

How the Program Works

In order for healthcare cost reduction strategies to be successful, Rx-Consultant realizes that implementations need to be easy and efficient. Here is an overview of how we can work together to strengthen the healthcare benefits you offer:

1. Schedule an onsite appointment with our Personal Medication Consultant.

2. Discuss the current plans you offer, benefits and value of an Rx-Consultant program, timelines and implementation plans.

3. Incorporate the Personal Medication Consultant program in your current and future healthcare offerings.

4. Attend company healthcare strategy meetings with collateral from Rx-Consultant to present the value of our programs to your client companies. Receive

representation from Rx-Consultant prior to the inclusion of any programs. Rollout begins according to agreed-to timeframes and implementation plans.

5. Management reports keep you apprised of the number of consultations and HIPAA-validated feedback at your client companies.

Leverage the expertise of our Personal Medication Consultants and offer a more comprehensive healthcare package to current and future clients. The value we provide includes:

  • A way to differentiate yourself from other Brokers who offer the same plans from the same companies at similar prices
  • Personalized, one-on-one care from a Personal Medication Consultant that minimizes life-threatening risks to employees
  • An innovative approach to reducing healthcare costs for your current clients
  • Preventative medical illness coverage designed to maximize employee health while minimizing employer costs
  • A proactive approach to address the 75% gap in medication education

For more information, please be sure to download our brochure.