How the Program Works

In order for healthcare cost reduction strategies to be successful, Rx-Consultant realizes that implementations need to be easy and efficient. Here is an overview of how we can work together to strengthen the healthcare benefits you offer:

1. Schedule an onsite appointment with our Personal Medication Consultant.

2. Discuss the current plans you offer, benefits and value of an Rx-Consultant program, timelines and implementation plans.

3. Incorporate the Personal Medication Consultant program in your current and future healthcare offerings.

4. Attend company healthcare strategy meetings with collateral from Rx-Consultant to present the value of our programs to your client companies. Receive

representation from Rx-Consultant prior to the inclusion of any programs. Rollout begins according to agreed-to timeframes and implementation plans.

5. Management reports keep you apprised of the number of consultations and HIPAA-validated feedback at your client companies.

p: (877) 529-5342