Expert Resources


As your consulting clinical pharmacist, we are a valuable resource to assist you and your health care providers. We have over 30 years of expert experience in Pharmacy services. Our Clinical Pharmacy staff earned Post-Graduate Certificates in Medication Therapy Management, Clinical Drug Monitoring, Diabetes Self-Management Training, Home Infusion Therapy Services, and Diabetes Disease Management.

These extra training programs help our staff to educate and empower all patients about the benefits of medication adherence and aid them and their health care providers towards better health and less costly healthcare. Through health and wellness services we review baseline screenings of blood glucose, blood pressure to screen for prevention of diabetes, hypertension and other chronic diseases.

Overall Health Care

The Complete Medication Review program is an innovative way for clinical pharmacists to connect patients with their physicians and other health care providers for the best health care possible. The Medication Education and Adherence program is being adopted by pharmacists across the country to ensure patients are receiving the best education services, wellness and preventative care possible.

For experienced and insightful medication, OTC, vitamin and nutrition information, rely on Rx-Consultant, LLC in Dublin, Ohio. We specialize in utilizing the latest technology, videos and face-to-face conversation to benefit our patients with our medication adherence consultation, health and wellness and disease state management services.