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With the growing number of Americans taking prescription drugs, medical complications are arising with alarming frequency putting tremendous strain on the health care industry. There are over $350 billion spent in avoidable medication errors, and loss of over 125,000 lives in healthcare every year. Confused patients find overly litigious attorneys who attempt to pressure insurance companies and doctors to settle or litigate cases that often should never have seen the light of day based purely on the medical facts, but should instead review prescription medications, OTC medications as well as as nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals and herbals that may interact improperly with each other as the root of many of these medical events. These items not only interact with each other; but, 75% of the time, are never taken according to proper directions. Nowadays, a deep understanding of pharmaceutical interactions is needed.

It is more important than ever for the medical team to call a pharmacist to review not only the pertinent medical facts, but the historical patient records, to identify all drug interactions and possible complications.

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During a distinguished career as a pharmacist, DeLinda McDaniel, of rx-consultant, LLC is well respected for her expert knowledge of drug interactions, Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacy issues globally; and, has frequently been called upon for expert medication information and litigation support. As an expert pharmaceutical witness, and medication expert, her company, rx-Consultant, communicates complex scientific information in an easily understandable language and is committed to providing their clients the highest quality professional service in a timely and cost effective manner.

Pharmacological evidence can often impact the difference between "probable" and "possible" cause and may even undermine the plaintiff's causation arguments altogether, or defense allegations, proving that the true cause of the damages, were in fact self-inflicted by the patient's own use of a combination of medications, and lack of information provided by a healthcare professional. Review by a competent pharmacist and medication expert, saves vast amounts of time and money by dismissing non meritorious cases, while not having access to this information may cause the defense to seek early mediation and unnecessary resolution. Rx-Consultant has strong credentials as a pharmaceutical expert from history within Pharmaceutical Industry and Clinical medication expertise and certification.

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