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Helpful Videos & Links

Educate yourself on proper medication adherence and administration (such as inhalers and injection devices) procedures with rx-consultant, LLC in Dublin, Ohio. We provide links and videos to educate you on how to properly use certain devices and to build a strong foundation to better understand diseases and medication. Please see our Facebook page for Rx-Consultant and click on the video box to choose from over 200 videos for your view.

How-To Videos

Watch Health Videos from home or on your mobile device: A great new service offered by rx-consultant.

Follow the link below to access a library of high-quality videos on a variety of health topics, providing you with a better understanding of certain health conditions, and how to properly take certain medications.

Please click here to browse pharmacist-reviewed health videos.


Learn more about your disease and medical condition with the useful links below. Should more questions follow after you have reviewed these sites, we offer 24/7 on-call service for our patients. Our consultant pharmacist, DeLinda SMcDaniel, RPh, CMTM, can be scheduled for home visits to perform complete medication reviews at your convenience. Explore more about heart disease, diabetes, and the National Institutes of Health with the following links: